Sunday, 1 August 2010

a new month and a new start?

My new zest for life is turning me into a control freak.

I've spent the whole day in the blistering heat (trust me, this house is a sweatbox at the best of times) cleaning the house, scrubbing stains from my bedroom floor, getting rid of old clothes and generally working up a sweat trying to make this house near-habitable.

I also made a new-months resolution which is to write the proposal for my dissertation by August 20th and have the final copy (of the proposal) done by the time classes start at the end of September, as well as the magazine layout, issue plan & interviews done by then. So not too much... and find some advertisers & distributors too.

I like to jump in head first.

The third housemate arrived today (Yay!)and we finally got down to planning the holiday which we'd been talking about for months. We have a window of about 10 days in which we're all free in September, and we have two options: 1) book a holiday now for a date that is convenient for us all although we (mainly me) are low on funds until the end of the month, so to option 2) wait until as close to the date as possible in the hope that prices may have gone down, or we'll have gotten richer. Is it a risk worth taking?

We need to get out of this country. Sun, Sea, Sand and...Surf would be good. Cheap & cheerful around the med, drinks, water parks and beaches would be a bonus. under £150 each. Not too much to ask?

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