All about me...

I am Laura. 21 years young.

Originally from a small town in rural Berkshire, currently living, studying, partying and working in Southampton.

I my life. At the moment I am doing a lot of work for my final year of a journalism degree, and trying to fit the rest of my life around it. I love to make big plans for the future, and small plans for the present. I also like to make lists, so here are a few:

Things I ♥:
  • My family. I don't see them much, and there are lots of them. They are a big bunch of crazy but I wouldn't change them. (most of the time!)
  • My dog Jake. He is a mental bisexual Jack Russell with ADHD who will pick fights with anything. When I walk him in the snow, frost or ice, it turns into a dog-sledding race across the hills of Berkshire.
  • My adoptive family. Should probably get a whole page, but to summarise, we have some awesome nights out, followed by drunken chats (often tears) on the kitchen floor, and a Pizza Hut buffet. It cures everything-trust me! Ordering food in, shopping, a love of GLEE and Gossip Girl, cinema trips. So, so SO many things I will miss when we go our separate ways, but we have Glasto & Brighton to look forward to!
  • Holidays. I love planning holidays. To anywhere in the world and I can usually find some cracking good deals. Hit me up if there's anywhere you need to go.
  • Festivals make summer AWESOME! Cider for breakfast, drinking and dancing all day... Sleep is for the dead!
  • Films are the cure for everything. I have a HUGE list of my favourite actors: Liam Neeson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Jim Carey, PAUL RUDD.
  • Music...makes the people come together. YEAH. As Madonna once said. Example especially! yum.

Things I HATE:
  • People who raise my hopes.  Enough said.
  • MTV. The Hills, The City, etc. My housies love these shows so I try to sit quietly and let them watch it, but sometimes it's just too much to bear!
  • N Dubz. I like hip hop. I DO NOT like chavs who think they are black and wear ridiculous headwear. (I'm not racist, but please, just talk properly!)
  • People who use fake ghetto accents. You're white & middle class, why talk like you're in P Diddy's crew??
  • People that don't take responsibility for their actions or happen to be oblivious to the world around them.
  • Otherwise, I'm pretty happy :)
The Past...
Is the past. Mine is quite colourful and dotted with mistakes, but got me to where I am today, so no complaints from me.

The Present...
Is living for the moment and planning the future. Writing my magazine, looking for work placements, graduate jobs and somewhere to live once Uni finishes. How exciting!

The Future...
Is an adventure waiting to happen. Glastonbury, work placements, adventure holidays, Graduation, getting my own place, 2012, making real money! Eventually... A nice big house in the country with the man of my dreams, some rescue dogs and maybe a few kids running around.

Life is a journey, not a destination.