Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Vanity Insanity

Plastic surgery is freely available on the NHS, according to recent reports and a Channel 4 documentary.

Last nights episode of The Hospital showed the journey of several women as they tried to get various forms of Breast surgery done through funding from their local Primary Care Trust (PCT) One particular girl who was 17 was a stereotypical blonde bimbo, expecting the NHS to fund her boob job so that she could pose in lads mags.

Now, I support freedom of choice, so if women choose to go under the knife in search of their perceived 'perfection' then by all means let them. But I resent paying taxes to fund a woman's insecurities, when the money could be spent on rebuilding the breasts of a cancer patient after a mastectomy.

When the operation is complete, the scars will last a life time. Weight gain, from pregnancy or growth can stretch the implants, Breastfeeding is impossible and once a tummy tuck procedure is performed any weight gain from pregnancy can undo thousands of pounds worth of surgery.

Why do women go through painful procedures at the cost of the NHS, Taxpayers, and sacrificing the health of people in much worse conditions, when it is so easy to get cosmetic surgery privately? Nowadays it's as easy to get a boob job on credit as it is to get double glazing.

If people really wanted a boob job as badly as they say, they'd find a way
to afford it themselves, without sacrificing the health & funds of others.

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