Saturday, 31 July 2010

Storming through a jungle? A safari park? ...or a house of girls?

Today we decided to face mask ourselves ('we' being me & the housemate)which was all well and good as we both seem to have skin breakouts at more or less the same time, something to do with body clocks synchronising when you live closely with people so I've heard. Anyway, I digress.

I was upstairs about to rinse off the face mask when i heard a shrill 'ahhhhhh come down here!' half way down the stairs my housemates says it's a spider which i spotted in the corner of her doorway. Not one of those normal ones with legs and bodies in proportion, this one happened to be my worst nightmare.

A small body with long spindly legs which make it so much easier to sneak under door frames and into my mouth as i sleep, which terrifies me more than anything in the world. Give me a Tarantula over a spindly blighter any day, thanks. I managed to destroy it with my flip flop, but there is a blood smear on the ceiling which may well stain. oooops. my work is done!

Luckily the other housemate is back tomorrow & her boyfriend is moving her in,
so we may be asking him very nicely :)

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