Thursday, 5 August 2010

Behind closed doors.

I spent the afternoon basking in the great British sun, and made some interesting observations.

Couples were walking hand-in-hand around the parks, enjoying each others company. It seems at a first glance that everyone is happily loved up, although if you delve a bit deeper you can see what the smiles are really hiding.

It made me recall a girl I once knew who had boyfriends continuously from the age of 15 and cheated on every one of them. Just because she could get away with it. When she started to get bored of one boyfriend she would sleep with others until one caught her interest & she would make it official the day she broke up with the actual boyfriend. Then she would find new 'projects' and so the cycle continued. All the while she would gaze lovingly into the eyes of her boyfriend (of the time), playing the 'butter wouldn't melt' act leaving the boyfriend completely oblivious to her philandering ways until she no longer had use for him.

Now when I see couples wandering in their own 'perfect' little bubble, I like to remind myself that behind the smiles, the relationship may not be a bed of roses for one or both of the couple. The woman may well be sleeping with his friend, The man may want out, She may be fed up with his laziness, He may be fed up with her bossy & controlling ways.

If every couple put on a brave face, who's to know who's sleeping with who? Sometimes its good to let your imagination run wild & know that the grin you're wearing isn't hiding anything.

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