Thursday, 10 February 2011

♥ Valentines Delight ♥

Oh yes, That wonderful time of year is upon us once again.
The day which requires everyone to walk around in a pink fuzzy haze declaring their undying love for each other over candle lit dinners.
Now, I've always been one of those cynical 'Oh its all so commercial... a money making scheme to make singletons feel rubbish.' kinda people. Then again, I've had 20 Valentines days alone. Maybe not Alone, but single, definitely. This year however, things are much different. I'm perfectly coupled up (and have been for a while now) and am actually really looking forward to my first ever valentines with a BF.
I'm secretly a big romantic at heart, and I love buying presents for people. I love to spoil the people I love, when money is no object. Obviously, as Its my first valentines, I shall be getting him a few gifts, and after much deliberation, I eventually settled on... (wait.. he may read this!). He seems to think that one of us will upstage the other, but I don't really think giving and receiving presents is about upstaging or overdoing, I just like to see the smile on the face of someone who appreciates the thought and effort that I've gone through to get them something that they don't expect.
While I would LOVE to go to Paris or watch a Musical in London (which I think he would probably not appreciate as much as I would) I realise that as students with jobs, we don't really have the means to jet set for a few days, so we are having a traditional 'date night' consisting of dinner and cinema visit. As long as its spent with the person you love, does it really matter where you celebrate? And why only celebrate it once a year?
I'm a big fan of grand gestures and telling someone you love them.. do it every day if you can!

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