Tuesday, 8 February 2011


OK... So I said that I would post more, and obviously I haven't been living up to my promises.
(I hang my head in shame)
But. In my defence I have been working my bum off (and recording and watching as much Sky+ as is humanly possible) and getting new clothes.
I realise this is probably not such a big deal for most girls, but I NEVER buy clothes for myself. The last time I bought myself any clothing was boxing day... a dress and some pants. Hardly a blowout! My usual guilty pleasure is a lovely mixture of DVDs. I regularly spend £££ on films in a month and I'm currently awaiting six packages from play.com so I've been pacing the front door like a guard dog.
The first of my purchases received its first public outing on Sunday night. It was AWESOME. When I saw it on the hanger, I though 'Taylor Momsen' (Basically, TRAMPY to anyone not familiar with goth barbie fashion) but tried it on for a bit of a giggle. As it happened, I fell in love and will be wearing it lots from now on. In reflection, I'm pretty pleased I splashed out the whole £13 from Primark. Oh yes, the number 1 student destination :D
Luckily, being as stingy and picky as I am, I've managed to build up quite a lovely holiday fund. In the last three months, living on under £40 a week (with a little more for absolutely necessary DVD purchases, obvs) I've managed to get a wonderful collection of £900 together, and getting paid in two weeks, I will be adding another £200+ to the account meaning I will finally be able to book my Eastern adventure!! I can't wait to graduate and blow off some steam! !
Anyone know of any DVDs I could get, or any eastern destinations to check out??

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