Thursday, 3 March 2011

Back in action.

Its been a while, I've been a very busy girl.
Since my last blog I have:
  • Stayed with the family for a bit. Pizza Hut is more fun with a 3 year old!
  • Had my first ever Valentines' day. Oh yes. Three boxes of chocolates. He knows me well :)
  • Had a job interview in London (more on that later)
  • Managed to get a fair bit of work done.
  • been to see a Neurologist who could not work out why I've had such awful headaches for months, So has referred me for an MRI scan.
  • Sat in bed for a week with a horrid flu-sneeze-migraine type thing which has been wonderful.

It's faaaar too late for me to do a full post, I actually like to sleep once in a while. More to come soon.

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